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We would like to share some tips on how to find decent cleaning service in Naperville. First of all it's very important to find a reputable one offering a good price. Nobody likes surprises after house cleaning services were performed and party is about to start or maid service just didn't show up ! To find all Naperville cleaning service companies you can use any of major search engines. You should be also able to check reviews on house cleaning services written by customers from Naperville. In case if you are looking for construction cleaning company in Naperville you should use the Internet to obtain list of local Naperville construction cleaning companies, check their pricing and reviews. We want to assure you that ZIGGY's cleaning services are one of the leading Naperville cleaning services and construction cleaning companies in Naperville.

Welcome to Ziggy House Cleaning Naperville

Ziggy's cleaning service has been leading Naperville based cleaning service company for 22 years.

Our company is wholly family owned and operated.

We are devoted to deliver excellent quality and dependability, we work at 24/7 schedule.

We serve Naperville and whole Chicagoland.

Ziggy's Naperville Cleaning Service has been providing top-notch cleaning services for residents of Naperville and surrounding cities for more than two decades. We are experts on house cleaning, construction cleaning, cleaning maids, maid services.

Check our Quality Standards of House Cleaning Services in Naperville

Rooms & Kitchens

  • Cabinets/drawers: clean exterior
  • Floors: clean and sanitize
  • Counter tops: clean and sanitize
  • Small appliances: move and sanitize


  • Mirrors: clean
  • Counter tops: clean and sanitize
  • Carpets: shake out and vacuum
  • Toilets: clean and sanitized
  • Chrome: clean and polish
  • Taps: clean around edges/polish


From Scott Mc Farlan,
615 N Center St, Naperville, IL
Phone : (630)-922-9588

"Ziggy's cleaning service has been cleaning my home for many years. You will not find a finer service! The ladies are well trained and thorough, the cost is competitive, the owner is always available if a scheduling change is requested; in short, I would never consider a different service!!! "

From Zbig Shawski,
Naperville, IL

"GREAT WORK - I've been using Ziggy's for four years now. I have a dog and kids, my house is relaxing after they've been there.

I recommend Ziggy's Cleaning Service. "

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